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The INLL media library is a service that aims to contribute to the information, research, training, educational needs and culture of the INLL educational community.

Access to and use of the media library is free of charge.

The internal regulations set out the rights and duties of users. The staff, under the authority of INLL management, is responsible for enforcing them.

All users of the media library and its services must respect these rules.


Any adult person may enjoy access to its facilities and materials.
Opening hours
There is no access to the media library outside the stated hours. The media library is closed during school holidays.
Users are advised to keep a close eye on their personal belongings, as the INLL accepts no responsibility for their loss, theft or damage.
The media library is a quiet place of work or study; all visitors and users are asked to behave in a way that is respectful of others and does not disturb them. The consumption of food or drink is prohibited, though water bottles are permitted. Mobile phones must be switched off or put in silent mode.
Refusal of access
Access to the media library is prohibited to any person who causes disruption or severe inconvenience to other users or members of staff. Such behaviour includes, but is not limited to, extreme lack of personal hygiene, drunkenness, noise, physical or verbal violence, criminal acts or other inappropriate behaviour. Media library staff, under the authority of the management, is empowered to either call the police, or expel or ban from the library any person who violates the rules. Any violation of the rules may result in removal of the right of access by the individual concerned to the media library for a specified period or, where appropriate, exclusion from INLL courses.

Terms and conditions of the loan service

The loan service is only available upon registration at the media library. Registration for the media library is subject to the provision of the following information and supporting documents: surname, first name, date of birth, address (street, town, postal code, country), email address. This information is required to validate registration and establish a personal reader account. The registration period for the INLL media library is 6 months unless an extension is requested.

Presentation of the reader’s card is required for all loan transactions.

The user is personally responsible for any and all borrowed printed material.

Books may be borrowed for a period of 28 days, renewable once on request for the same period.

DVDs are loaned out at home for a period of one week, renewable on request once for the same period.

There is a per-user limit on the number of items to be borrowed (max. 4 documents at the same time).

Due dates of borrowed items must be strictly observed. A delay in returning items borrowed from the media library may result in a temporary or permanent suspension of the loan.

Loan services are not available during the end-of-semester holidays (in February and summer). All borrowed items must be returned before statutory holiday periods (e.g., the summer vacation) begin.

Users are responsible for all the documents they consult or borrow. Any document lost, damaged or not returned must be replaced by the user.

Certain documents are excluded from home loan, namely:
Dictionaries, the latest issue of magazines, CDs and DVDs in the bins as well as certain rare, out-of-print or damaged documents, marked as such by the library manager.

Members of the teaching staff can borrow from all the documents in the media library.

Protection of personal data

To register at the INLL media library, the user must provide the following information and supporting documents: last name, first name, date of birth, address (street, city, zip code, country), email address. This information (the “personal data”) is necessary to validate the user’s registration and to establish a personal reader account.

The duration of the user’s registration with the INLL media library is 6 months unless they request an extension. 24 months after the expiry of registration with the INLL media library, the user’s personal data will automatically be deleted. The history of the user’s loans will be retained without personal data for the library’s statistics.

The user’s personal data is stored in the collective reader file of the Luxembourg library network bibnet.lu. This is part of the ALMA library services platform, provided by the subcontractor Ex Libris. This platform is hosted in the European Union.
The Centre des Technologies de l’Information de l’Etat (CTIE), in its capacity as IT subcontractor of the BnL, hosts the “authentication” process. The intervention of subcontractors is regulated in accordance with Article 28 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

The user’s login and password are common to all libraries of the bibnet.lu network with which the user is registered / can register. Personal data is processed by a limited number of duly authorized and trained persons for the purposes listed below.

Personal data is collected and processed for:

  • the user’s registration with the INLL media library and the updating of their reader account data;
  • reservations for home loans and on-site consultation of documents, as well as the reproduction of documents;
  • contacting the user regarding reservations, reminders and loan fines;
  • the user’s use of the computer tools made available by the INLL media library;
  • accessing and consulting the online resources made available by the INLL media library;
  • the detection of fraud and abuse during the use of digital resources made available by the INLL media library;
  • to compile non-user-specific statistics to improve the services offered by the INLL Media Library;
  • the management of the user’s requests for access, rectification, opposition and other rights with regard to personal data by the INLL media library.

The INLL media library under the supervisory authority of the Ministry of National Education, Children and Youth, together with the director of the National Library, under the authority of the Minister having Culture, as well as the other libraries of the bibnet.lu network is the data controller according to the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) of 27 April 2016 (2016/679). The information provided for in Article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 can be found in the internal regulations of the INLL media library.

The user has the right to access and rectify his or her personal data. Any modification of personal data can be made directly at the INLL media library reception desk or online through the user’s “reader account” on the website http://www.a-z.lu.

The user also has the right to withdraw their consent to the integration of his or her personal data in the collective file of the readers of the Luxembourg library network bibnet.lu, to object to the processing of personal data, to ask for its deletion, the limitation of its processing, as well as to ask for the portability of the personal data concerning the user. The user also has the right to lodge a complaint, in case of breach(es) of the applicable rules on personal data protection, with a supervisory authority such as the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD).

In certain cases, provided for in Regulation (EU) 2016/679, the library may object to these rights. The deletion of personal data results in the loss of access to the lending service and IT services of the INLL Media Library.

For more information on the content of my rights or how to exercise them, please contact the INLL media library and its DPO (data protection officer) by e-mail: mediatheque@inll.lu and dpo@men.lu or by post: 21, bd de la foire L-1528 Luxembourg

(*) list of libraries members of the bibnet.lu network (http://www.bibnet.lu/blog/?page_id=5255)