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The National Institute of Languages Luxembourg (INLL) is placed under the authority of the Ministry of Education and its main purpose is to provide modern language courses for adults.

The INLL Charter is an agreement on the common values for a harmonious living together of the school community, composed of INLL staff and learners.

The INLL encourages personal development in its human and multicultural diversity, within the framework of common fundamental values:

  • Respect and tolerance
  • Everyone is respected and respects others by accepting differences.
  • Cooperation and courtesy
  • Everyone strives to work together in a courteous and friendly manner.
  • Equity 
  • Everyone receives equal treatment and consideration.

Members of the school community commit themselves to a responsible and respectful attitude, conducive to intercultural exchange and social integration, in a climate of mutual understanding.

Learners are committed to using the learning tools and strategies necessary for their success within the framework of the proposed objectives.

The INLL is committed to transparent communication and to doing its utmost to help learners build, develop and achieve their learning pathway and educational project.


Law of 8 March 2023 creating the National Language Institute Luxembourg, Mémorial A n°156 of 21/03/2023.