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On the basis of experience gained at the INLL – adult learners, pace of lessons – the Luxembourgish, French, German and English departments offer intermediate level classes for A1, A2, B1 and B2. This makes it possible to respect the number of hours provided for by the CEFR to acquire each level and to ensure targeted teaching, supporting learners at each stage of their learning and enabling them to assimilate the material studied.

As the CEFR does not provide for intermediate levels, a specially designed working group called “Carré des langues” has developed guidelines and tests for these levels. These documents are intended to lead to more consistency between different classes at the same or different levels and to ensure more homogeneity within the same class group. They are also the basis for the syllabi that the various INLL courses are based on.

The five categories defined by the CEFR are included (listening, reading, speaking, interacting and writing).

For each intermediate level, the following are indicated

  • the skills ;
  • the speech acts or communicative content to be acquired to carry out the tasks in question
  • the types of media, authentic or didactic media that can be used for each intermediate level of competence (a non-exhaustive list whose aim is not to “freeze” the language but to give an additional indication of the level);
  • Finally, proposals for “tasks” (which implement several skills and speech acts).