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Our offers for the Luxembourgish language

Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch?

Would you like to learn Luxembourgish, broaden and deepen your knowledge or acquire Luxembourgish nationality, for which appropriate language skills are a prerequisite? 

We can help you. The INLL is recognised as a national certification body for Luxembourgish language diplomas and certificates. Our dynamic and open-minded training team will be happy to assist you in mastering the national language of the Grand Duchy.

Our method

The INLL bases its teaching, learning and assessment principles on the guidelines of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) developed by the Council of Europe. This classification system comprises six levels, ranging from A1 for absolute beginners to C2 for a native speaker.

Possible course types for our Luxembourgish courses

  • Standard course

    • 2 to 3 classes per week (depending on level)
    • 100 minute classes
    • Duration of 1 semester
  • Intensive courses for professional purposes

    • 4 classes per week
    • 200 minute classes
    • Duration of 8 weeks
  • Compact course

    • Maximum 2 classes per week
    • 100 minute classes
    • Duration of 1 semester
  • Blended learning course

    • 1 to 2 classes per week in class and 1 class distance learning (self-learning)
    • 100 minute classes
    • Duration of 1 semester
  • e-Learning courses

    • 2 to 3 online classes per week
    • 100 minute classes
    • Duration of 1 semester
  • Hybrid courses

    • 2 to 3 classes per week (face-to-face OR distance learning)
    • 100 minute classes
    • Duration of 1 semester

Course Manuals

Niveau A1 :

Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch? A1

Niveau A2.1 / A2.2 :

Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch? A2

Niveau B1.1 / B1.2 / B1.3 :

Schwätzt Dir Lëtzebuergesch? B1


Our learners and any other person wishing to to certify their language skills can access the following examinations :

CEFR levels

You are able to communicate with simple words and phrases in your daily activities.

You are able to communicate in a simple way in everyday life.

You can deal with everyday situations and express yourself (sometimes with hesitation) on current affairs.

You can communicate fluently and relatively well on a wide range of subjects.

You are able to use the language effectively and flexibly.

Sproochentest Lëtzebuergesch

The INLL is the official provider of the Sproochentest Lëtzebuergesch, an examination to assess the spoken Luxembourg language for the acquisition of luxembourgish nationality.

Training ZLLL – Zertifikat Lëtzebuergesch Léiere Léieren

This course is aimed at people who wish to train or further develop as a teacher in the field of adult education in municipalities or in a publicly funded field.


Luxembourgish courses are available at the following INLL locations