Course type: general and specific courses

Frequency: 1 to 3 times a week

Duration of a unit: 100 minutes

Course duration: 1 semester

Location:  INL-Glacis, INL-Mersch, INL-Belval

The Luxembourgish Department

There are 35 teachers in the INL’s Luxembourgish department; all are native speakers. They all hold a specific qualification and/or have many years’ teaching experience; they also keep up-to-date in the field of adult education by regularly attending further training courses.

Since, in the multilingual context of the Grand Duchy, with people from 170 nationalities, Luxembourgish has been gaining ground as the language of integration at school and also has become a lingua franca especially for oral communication, our courses are particularly well-attended.

We offer courses from level A1 to level C1; all are designed in keeping with the skill descriptions set out in the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In addition to general language courses, the INL also offers other more specific courses, including: society and culture in the Grand Duchy, Luxembourgish literature, a course for German-speaking learners, and a course for shift workers.

Since 2009, the INL has also offered a training course leading up to the ‘Zertifikat Lëtzebuerger Sprooch a Kultur’ (ZLSK) qualification which makes it possible, following the approval by the Ministry of Education’s adult training department (Service de la Formation des Adultes – SFA) to hold Luxembourgish courses for adults in the municipalities and various structures approved by the Ministry.





The INL will be closed until 3 May 2020 included

OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT NOTICE TO THE STUDENTS OF INSTITUT NATIONAL DES LANGUES Luxembourg, 2 April 2020     Sir / Madam, Due to the growing number of Covid-19 cases in Luxembourg, the government has decided that all activities in the education sector will be suspended from 16 March to 3 May 2020 inclusive. The following types […]

Fermeture au public jusqu’au 3 mai 2020 inclus ! Les cours à distance seront maintenus!

AVIS OFFICIEL DU GOUVERNEMENT AU PERSONNEL ENSEIGNANT  DE L’INSTITUT NATIONAL DES LANGUES Luxembourg, le 2 avril 2020     Madame, Monsieur, Face au nombre croissant de cas d’infections COVID-19 au Luxembourg, le gouvernement a décidé que toutes les activités dans le secteur scolaire et éducatif resteront suspendues jusqu’au 3 mai 2020 inclus. Les établissements scolaires […]

! UPDATE: Fermeture complète jusqu’au 19 avril 2020 inclus !

AVIS OFFICIEL DU GOUVERNEMENT AUX APPRENANTS DE L’INSTITUT NATIONAL DES LANGUES Luxembourg, le 18 mars 2020     Madame, Monsieur,   Face au nombre croissant de cas d’infection COVID-19 au Luxembourg, le gouvernement a décidé que toutes les activités dans le secteur scolaire et éducatif seront suspendues du 16 mars au 19 avril 2020 inclus. […]

Coronavirus COVID-19 Informations et directives

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25/02 – Fermeture exceptionnelle guichet d’accueil INL Mersch

Le guichet d’accueil et d’information de l’INL Mersch fermera exceptionnellement ce mardi, 25/02 à 12h15.