The INL Library’s mission is to provide services and resources in support of research, teaching and learning needs of the INL community.

The Library services are free. Terms and conditions differ for staff and students.

The Library rules and regulations set the users’ rights and obligations. The staff, under the authority of the head of the Institute, is assigned to apply the rules and regulations.

By using library services, the user (automatically) accepts the Library rules.


All students registered in an INL course during the current term can access the library. A valid INL student card entitles the students to free library use.

INL Staff

All members of staff have access to the library. They don’t need an identification card.


Every person who wants to have access to the library without being member of the INL community, has to send a written request to the head of the INL.

Children cannot access the Library out of security and insurance reasons.

Opening hours

The opening hours are set by the head of the INL and are displayed for the public (in the library entrance and online). It is forbidden to enter the library outside of the opening hours. During school breaks, the library is closed.


Users are expected to watch their personal belongings and are encouraged not to leave items unattended. The INL declines all responsibility in case of theft, loss or damage of personal belongings.


The library is a (quiet) working area: users are expected/requested to respect the needs of one another. Food and drink should not be brought into the Library. An exception may be made for drinking water in secure bottles. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode.


Access will be denied to every people whose behaviour or clothing (inebriety, lack of cleanliness, rudeness, noisiness, physical or verbal violence, criminal actions) disturb the other users or the library staff.

The staff, under the authority of the head of the INL, is allowed to expel or deny the access to anyone transgressing the library rules or call the authorities. Every transgression of the rules can lead to a temporary access privation or, if necessary, to the exclusion of the INL courses.

To have access to the library service, students must fill out an inscription form. The student is responsible for the items he borrowed with his card.

Printed documents can be borrowed for two weeks. They can be renewed once for another two weeks.

Movies can be borrowed for one week. They can be renewed once for another week.

Students can borrow up to three items. Teachers can borrow up to six items.

Please respect the due dates. Borrowing privileges can be temporarily suspended for overdue item that are not returned.

Students cannot borrow any items during the term breaks (February and summer). They have to return the items before semester term breaks.

The library users are responsible for the items they borrow or read in the library. Every lost, damaged or not returned book must be replaced by the user.

Some items cannot be borrowed: dictionaries, new acquisitions, the latest magazine issues and CDs and DVDs in the troughs.

Teachers can borrow every document in the library except the latest acquisitions.

How to connect to the INL WIFI?

  1. Connect to your MyINL-account, click “Coordonnées” and activate the WIFI button (the activation may take up to 30 min.).
  1. Configure your phone or laptop :
  1. In the INL premises, select “Eduroam” from the available network list and enter with your MyINL-password.

Please contact if you encounter problems and mention your INL student ID.

How to connect?

  1. Connect to your MyINL-account, click “Coordonnées” and activate the WIFI button (the activation may take up to 30 min.).
  1. After the WIFI activation, you can connect to the library computer with your student ID and your MyINL. The connection is limited to 1 hour per day.

Please contact if you encounter problems and mention your INL student ID.

The following text is a free translation from French into English of the „notice d’information“. The French text is legally binding!

Registration with the INL library is subject to provision of the following information: surname, forename, date of birth, postal address, email address. This information (“personal data”) is needed to validate your registration and to set up a user account. The registration form is kept in the library’s archives for 1 year.

Unless extended, the library membership is valid for 1 term. 24 months after your membership expires, your personal data will automatically be erased. Your loan history will be retained in an anonymised format to enable the library to perform statistical analyses.

Personal data is recorded in the central user database of Luxembourg’s library network (“central user database”) and is accessible to all the member libraries of the network (*). You can use your login and password in all libraries in the network that you are registered with/can register with. Your personal data may be processed by a limited number of persons duly authorised and trained for the purposes listed below.

Personal data is collected and processed to allow :

  • me to register with the library and update my account details;
  • me to reserve items, consult documents at the library and reproduce documents ;
  • the library to contact me regarding my reservations, reminders and fines;
  • me to use IT services provided by the library;
  • me to access and consult digital resources offered by the library;
  • the library to prepare anonymous statistics to improve the library services offered;
  • to detect fraud and misuse of the digital resources made available by the library;
  • the library to handle my requests regarding the processing of my personal data.

The library, under the authority of Ministery of Education together with the director of the Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg, under the authority of the Minister of Culture and with the other libraries in the network, is the controller responsible for processing according to the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) dated 27 April 2016 (2016/679). The information provided for in Article 13 GDPR can be found in the library’s Conditions of use.

You have the right to access as well as to rectify your personal data. You can modify your personal data directly at the library front desk or online via “my account” on

You have the right to withdraw your consent for inclusion of this data in the network’s central user database, to oppose the processing of your personal data as well as to request the erasure, limitation of processing, or portability of your personal data. In the event of violation of the applicable rules on the protection of personal data, you also have the right of lodging a complaint with a supervisory authority such as the National Commission for Data Protection (CNPD).

In certain cases provided for in the GDPR, the library may object to these rights. If you delete your personal data, you will no longer be able to access the library’s loan and IT services.

For more information on your rights and on how to exercise your rights, you can contact the library via email (médiathè


(*) For details of the libraries in the network, go to