Association of Language Testers in Europe

With the increase in global migration, the multilingual society is a reality for many countries around the world. This has led to a boom in language teaching and, at the same time, the need for the consistent assessment of language skills.

Recognising the need for a consistent approach for language tests at the international level, the Universities of Cambridge and Salamanca initiated ALTE in 1989. The initial aim was to establish common standards for language testing across Europe, thereby supporting multilingualism and helping preserve the rich linguistic heritage of Europe. These standards were to ensure a fair, accurate and impartial assessment based on common criteria for each skill and level. ALTE also works towards the recognition of examinations worldwide and the comparison of qualifications in other languages.
ALTE currently has 34 members, 40 institutional affiliates, and several hundred individual affiliates. ALTE’s members include the main language assessment bodies, such as the Goethe-Institut, the CIEP and the University of Cambridge.

The INL has been a member of ALTE since 1995.