The National Language Institute (INL) operates under the authority of the National Ministry of Education, and its primary mission is to provide courses in modern languages.

The INL charter is a convention for the school community, outlining our shared values for harmonious coexistence. The school community consists of the INL, its staff and its learners.

The INL encourages personal development in all its human and multicultural facets, within the framework of a set of fundamental and common values:

Respect and


Everyone accords and receives respect, while freely accepting difference and cultural and ethnic diversity.
Cooperation and

polite behaviour

Everyone collaborates in a spirit of friendliness.
Fairness Everyone receives equal treatment and consideration.

All members of the school community are committed to responsible and respectful behaviour, allowing intercultural exchange and social integration, in a spirit of mutual understanding.

Learners commit themselves to using the learning tools and strategies which are essential for achieving their learning objectives.

The INL commits itself to transparent communication, and to devote all necessary means to enable learners to construct, develop and realise their learning goals.


Loi du 22 mai 2009 portant création d’un Institut national des langues, Mémorial A n°112 du 26/05/2009 (pages 1637 à 1641). L’INL a également pour mission de favoriser l’intégration sociale et professionnelle, de promouvoir le plurilinguisme et l’échange interculturel, et de servir de centre d’examen international et national pour la langue luxembourgeoise.