Course type: general and specific courses

Frequency: 2 times a week

Duration of a unit: 100 minutes

Course duration: 1 semester

Location:  INL-Glacis

The Chinese Department

The Chinese department at INL comprises one teacher, whose mother tongue is Mandarin. She holds Chinese and European higher education qualifications in linguistics and language teaching. Apart from regular training in her field, she also has many years’ experience of teaching languages to adults.

Chinese is spoken by about 1.3 billion people, and there is growing interest in the language all over the world because of China’s re-emergence on the global scene. In the Grand Duchy, this evolution is reflected by the increasing number of Chinese businesses setting up here.

INL’s Chinese department, in operation since 2006, is constantly expanding, and teaching methods are reviewed regularly. Courses are offered from levels A1 to C1. There are plans to include a series of themed courses on Chinese culture, the world of business, and work in general.





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EXAMEN L.A.F. Mäerz 27 am INL

Niveauen: B1 C1 Moies gi fir den Niveau B1 d’Examen an de Kompetenzen HV, LV, SA* gepréift. Fir den C1 gi moies LV an SA gepréift.   Am Nomëtteg sinn déi mëndlech Examen (MA)*. Fir den C1 gëtt d’Héierverstoe mam Mëndleche getest (HV+MA).   Schéckt Ären Umeldungsformulaire op Meldeschluss ass den 26. Februar 2020. […]

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